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by Emily Wurramara

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Debut album by celebrated young artist from Groote Eylandt. This album charts a personal history as well as a continuing celebration of family, culture and the land.

"The songs on this album have been written over time. ‘Tapsticks' was my second song to ever be written on guitar. I was 12 years old when I wrote it. These songs have grown out of my own experiences, the stories and dreams I’ve been told from the people I love and of course my love for our Earth and all the mystery and mystical beings she holds. During my career so far as a songwriter and as a musician I have met so many wonderful, kind and beautiful human beings along the way that have kept faith in my stories and my music. I am forever grateful for their friendship, advice and love. I’ve come across diversity. I’ve come across pain. I’ve come across freedom. I’ve come across the unknown, but music has always been my drive and passion for life. It has allowed me to discover my love for my people, for my culture, and a responsibility to archive my language and my stories through the universal language of music."
Emily Wurramara


released June 1, 2018

All songs written by Emily Wurramara (Mushroom Music Publishing) except for Black Boy (Bunna Lawrie).
Produced by David Bridie with Nao Anzai
Recorded at Torurua Studios by Nao Anzai and at PSI-FI Studios (Brisbane) by Chris Neehause.
Milyakburra Children and Uncle Enoch recorded on Groote Eylandt.

“Black Boy” mixed by Chris Neehause.

Emily Wurramara - vocals, guitar, piano
Saraima Navara - backing vocals
Alice Skye - backing vocals, piano
Uncle Enoch Wurramara - vocals on Tapsticks
Milyakburra children’s chorus on Milyakburra
Benny Walker - guitar
Michael Jude (Sunjay) - keys
Guy Drory - drums, cajoun
David Bridie - piano, melodica, keys
Amy Chapman - bass
Greg Sheehan - percussion
Helen Mountfort - cello
Yarum Sandy - didj and tapsticks
Rohan Jones - acoustic guitar on Hey Love
Phil Wales - guitar

Mastered by Nao Anzai


all rights reserved



Emily Wurramara Anindilyakwa, Australia

Emily Wurramara is a young Aboriginal woman who has been writing songs since she was 6, singing in both English and Annandilyakwa, the traditional language of her home, Groote Eylandt. She is a prolific song-writer and multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, piano and ukulele. ... more

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Track Name: Lady Blue
Lady blue
I feel the waves in my hair so calm and cool
Perfect no despair
I wish I could
Swim here forever miss lady blue
Me and you

Run run down the way that we go
Pulling up picking up the sand in our toes
Pass down the whistling trees
Lady blue she is calling me

Blue...oh miss lady

Nana said
Don’t ever be afraid of her
Her soul is pure
Clearer than a crystal and the moon
And I believe that she told the truth
Cause ever since my heart is in the sea

Run run down the way that we go
Pulling up picking up the sand in our toes
Pass down the whistling trees
Lady blue she is calling me

Blue...oh miss lady

Miss lady blue
Lady blue lady blue
Oh miss lady blue
Track Name: Milyakburra
I feel the sea breeze on my face,
feel the cool breeze in my hair
as I sit here on the shore,
this island no other can compare

Milyakburra, milyakburra
Aramanja (near the point)

Yi Yi ngeniyerriya (aah poor thing)
Ngardegujenama nganyang arndirra
Ngabiyedu kingarenama milykbaroowah
(My heart is hurting, when am I gonna see Bickerton Island again?)

Rock pools glow all around
Family one community
All known across the island
The waters they glitter like diamonds
hot sand in the beautiful sun
can you hear the whispering in the trees?
oh yes we are one...

Oh yo nungua- ngayuwa ngayuwa nungua
(oh yes you, and me and me and you)
(to Bickerton Island)
Track Name: Ngarrikwujeyinama
enena Angalya
(We all belong to this land)

memena makarda
(We all belong to this sea)

nganyang arndirra
(My heart is hurting)

Ena angalya
(This is my home)
Merrowiya Mena
(this land is bleeding)
Track Name: Carry Me Home
We walked red plains
Dust in my eyes
Sun in the sky and you on my mind
Longing for a place
A place to call home
Soft pearly white sand to call my own

My island home
She’s so pretty so blue
And all the trees
Are greener there too
On my island home
The spirit still strong
And I will ask the wind to carry me home

Back to my home
(Nganyang Angalya ) - “my home”

The Sun and the moon
She follow me oh
Wherever I go
Wherever I’ll be
Sunrise and sunsets
They’re never the same
Cause there are different people around the world
Sharing my gaze
Track Name: Black Smoke
I’ll be sleeping under stars tonight, not sure exactly where I’ll be?
maybe underneath the pale moonlight, or maybe underneath that tree

Black smoke, riding in the sky tonight, everything will be alright if you let go.
Humans all gathered in the place tonight, everything will be alright if you let go.
Track Name: Lullaby
The sunsets and whispered to the sky
Be kind my darling it’ll only be a while
The sky gets dark
But the moon she’s my friend
And the stars that filled the sky
Tell stories of past and present

The trees whistled tunes
Only they would know
Whispering to the wind
As she flies through the air

Lullaby where were you when I was down?
Beckoning beckon me now
Lullaby where were you when I was hurt like before?
And now I hide

Hello my friend it’s nice to see you again oh
We’ve had lots of fun but now our time is up..oh
And the birds said to the bees, love me endlessly
Memories won’t escape but what is memories when people change?

And the heart whispered to the ears listen closely
You’ll never know what you’ll hear
And the ears said to the mouth
Say it slowly slowly
So he can hear when you’re gonna go

And always always
Track Name: Hey Love
She was a young girl from a mission town

Spoke a language that was hard to learn and she

Didn’t know much about the world of the western society

Her mum was the skin of the blanket of the night the stars were inside her so she can, follow the light back home to where she belongs

Hey love I know how it feels to be so far away from the life you’ve come to live

Hey love I know you want to cry but the winds will guide you back to mother to mother to mother

Oh why? Oh why? Oh why? To mother to mother

She was in the toilets one after noon these girls walked in older by a few years

They told her things that weren’t true because of her mother they hated her too

They pushed her around and spat on her face they laughed and mocked her

She knew it had to stop

Back to back with two of her friends she fought the sadness right through til the end

They were laying on the bathroom floor the words they said never left a scar
Track Name: Tap Sticks
You fulla what’s the time of the day?
Woken to hell will it be okay?
Eyes wide shut cause I’m afraid
And all these thoughts
Invading my brain

And the time of the day is night time and the time of the day leaves me awake
And the time of the day is scary
I’m running from something I’m not supposed to be afraid
And the wake of the morning arises me
Great spirits come and walk with me
And the sound of the tapsticks bring me back home
Where I’m protected and I’m not alone

Walking around bare feet
Reminds me of what freedom felt like o be
And roaming the streets I look over my shoulders they judge me stereotypically
Track Name: Yimenda-Papaguneray (Turtle Song)
Ementha, Yunguba, nungulangwa enemumuwa

Little turtle where are your eggs?

Papaguneray, suray, suray,
salamana atthathaniya, whoa

Mijelya Munja,
ogwa ementha, eh,
yo, murruba

Papaguneray, suray, suray,
salamana atthathaniya, whoa

Track Name: Blue Moon Black Sea
You had me believe that you changed, you had me think that you weren’t the same,
I would have crossed the pacific ocean, I would of swam all them seas to see you smile,
to see you happy.

I guess you ruined it, when I saw she made you happy

blue moon, those bright stars, black sea, it was hard…
to swim But I drowned,
Mercy…. Help me now

I tried running fast but your speed controlled me in a direction, I didn’t want to go, It was just like that in a blink of an eye my world came crashing down, down, down

Mercy Mercy please help me now….
Track Name: Black Boy
A shy Black boy you came to the city.
To learn about life and how its people are.
He’s very stubborn. He’s just a child.

And now his life is mystified.

Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
The color of your skin is your pride & joy.
Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
Your life is not destroyed.

He didn’t know school but they called him Black boy.
He hardly talked to the girls and boys.
Don’t be a fool. Just obey the rules.
Cause you’ll just learn the truth.

Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
The color of your skin is your pride & joy.
Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
Your life is not destroyed.

And one day you’ll grow up to be a man,
To learn and live and understand
Sticks and stones may break your bones
But names will never hurt you.
You’ll be the one who’s having fun.
So you just keep learning on.

Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
The color of your skin
is your pride & joy.
Black boy, Black boy,
Black boy, Black boy,
Your life is not destroyed.

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